Tekserve Enterprise

From 1987 until 2016, the name Tekserve stood for the very best in sales and service of Apple products. The iconic store on 23rd Street in New York was closed, but the spirit and quality represented by the Tekserve brand lives on. In 2015, Tekserve created T2 Computing to bring the Tekserve experience to a wider group of business and corporate customers. Today, we are bringing back the brand that still provides our touchpoints of integrity, knowledge, service and support.

Tekserve Enterprise is the brand under which T2 Computing will offer Apple products, support for Apple in the Enterprise, repair services for Mac and iPad products and rentals of Apple products. The Tekserve Enterprise team brings with them decades of experience in helping customers with every facet of Apple ownership and stands ready to provide the world renown personalized service made famous at the retail store.

Our commitment to the Apple platform is legendary and now, more than ever, there is a need in the business and corporate marketplace for experience, skill and understanding of how to best procure, equip, deploy and manage Apple products and take advantage of the seamless integration between mobile and desktop platforms that’s built into the Apple ecosystem